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​​​​The concept plan is the draft stage of the design and documentation process. The concept plans are presented to you along with concept pictures of the proposed landscape design. The concept plan will outline spatial definition, hard and soft landscaped areas, indication of planting themes and the beginning of hard surface specification. We describe in detail the concept plans and any changes that need to be made are discussed and outlined. This is the final approval stage for the draft plan.


​Concept Landscape plans and Landscape Plans
This plan, prepared by a landscape Designer or horticulturalist,  it will detail  the proposed landscape design. The plan will demonstrate an understanding of the site and its context.

A standard scale is to be used such as 1:100 or 1:200, and show the following details:

  •  north point (true solar north)
  •  scale (show ratio and bar scale)
  •  date, plan number, amendment number and date
  •  name of landscape architect, designer or author
  •  finished surface levels, embankments and grades (indicate extent of cut and fill) in


  •  existing and finished levels at the base of all trees
  •  all existing trees to be retained or removed, within and adjacent to the site
  •  planting specification (detail species names, location, quantity, installation pot size and expected mature heights within each planting location). All plants with a mature height equal to or greater than 2m are to have their mature canopy spread shown to scale.

  •  indicate the location, species, height and spread of existing trees to be retained or removed
  •  proposed planting (indicate species, location, massing and mature height)
  •  proposed surface treatments and restoration(eg turf, paving, bank stabilisation, mounds, etc)
  •  proposed fences and retaining walls (indicate height and material)
  •  maintenance programme
  •  proposed location of stormwater and other service corridors.

Be consistent with other plans with respect to the height, size and location of buildings.
For residential flat development  – Design Quality of Residential Flat Development applies the landscape plan must show:

  •  the proposed landscaped area, including species selected and materials to be used, presented in the context of the proposed building or buildings, and the surrounding development and its context.

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Soil and Erosion Water Management Plans
These plans are generally not required until the Construction Certificate stage. We will normally impose specific conditions requiring these matters to be addressed prior to the issue of any Construction Certificate and prior to the commencement of any works.
As a minimum, the statement of environmental effects must satisfy Council that all water services (supply, waste and stormwater drainage) can be provided to serve the site in accordance with each authorities respective requirements and without impact to the environment.
For new development, substantial alterations and additions and any significant excavation works, Council will require the following soil and water management plans/ information to be submitted for consideration.
The Pre-DA process will normally identify the requirement for such information.
Soil Erosion and Sediment Control
Proposed developments involving excavation or earthworks will be required to submit a Soil Erosion and Sediment Control Plan complying with the 4th edition of the “Managing Urban Stormwater – Soils and Construction”

All councils require these plans ,

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Concept Plans are needed for Development Applications for all shire councils and are to be handed in with DA submissions.

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